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Cambridge Decking Builders is the name to you can count on when you need timber decking or composite decking supplies and services. We cater both residential and commercial clients in Cambridge and surrounding areas. Our goal is to become a one-stop destination for home and business owners who are looking for high-quality decking supplies, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service.

We understand that a lot of people really want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their properties without compromising safety, functionality, and market value. Cambridge Decking Builders is here to help. We have professional deck builders onboard to help you achieve this goal.

Our timber decking and composite decking installations will not only make your outdoor areas a stunning place to get together with family and friends. We also make sure that it is installed accurately based on industry standards. Doing so guarantees you that the installation will last a long time and that everyone who steps on it are truly safe.

Improving the aesthetics of your patio, terrace, and garden by adding decks is one of the best investments you can make. A lot of property buyers are dying to have their own charming spot outdoors where they can relax on a warm summer afternoon. Adding decks is undoubtedly a smart decision whether you are planning to sell the property in the future or live there for many, many years.

However, decking installations should only be done by the experts. We know that a lot of homeowners want to do this project on their own to save money. The truth is that, hiring experts like us at Cambridge Decking Builders can actually help you save a lot of money in the long run. The following are just among the many reasons why you should hire us:

  • Professional design – you may have your own design in mind, but the pros can help you make it even better. We can help you make changes if necessary, so that your outdoor area can accommodate your desired design.

  •  Cost-effective materials – the pros can guide you through the selection process of materials and supplies needed for the project. We can provide you a wide-range of options, and help you make choices based on your budget without compromising style and quality. Decking boards come in different shapes, sizes, and components, and it is important to pick the right one that works perfectly for your decking design as well as the condition of the outdoor area for longer life.

  • Accurate installation – only professional deck builders know how to accurately install timber or composite decking boards based on manufacturer’s specifications and industry standards. This means you can be confident that the installation will last a long time because it is done right.

  • After-service support and warranty – our services do not end right after the installation. You can call us whenever you encounter troubles with the installation even after the project is completed. We also provide a warranty on selected products and services.

  • Save money – you might be surprised, but yes, you can actually save money when you entrust your decking projects to us than doing it on your own. This is because we can tailor-fit our services based on your budget. We also give you honest pricing without hidden fees and surprise charges. Most importantly, we only use high-quality materials and we combine it with the right skills and technology so you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs and early replacement of the decks we install

Now is the best time to bring those decking designs you have in mind to life. Our certified deck builders are more than happy to help. Call for a free quote today!


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