Hardwood and softwood timber decking

So you have finally decided to do a makeover on your outdoor space, but you are torn between using hardwood or softwood. At Cambridge Decking Builders, our experts can help you pick the right material that will perfectly match your style and budget. Our timber decking services include design, installation, and repair or renovation of existing ones.

The timber decks we build feature a timeless look and feel and highly durable. We make this possible by using premium-quality timber decks combined with exceptional craftsmanship, making our installations standout against the rest.

You may choose among these amazing timber decking materials to transform your old patios, terraces, and gardens into the most favourite part of the house:

Softwood Decking Board

Softwood is a perfect choice if you are planning to build decks as an extended area for the kid’s play area or as a family deck. Our experts can help you come up with a design that will accommodate all the features you need in the area, utilising high-grade pre-treated softwood timber.

Our materials are sourced from trusted manufacturers, guaranteed to last for 15 years or more  with proper maintenance and treatment. Cambridge style decking, Winchester style decking, Canterbury style decking, and York style decking are just among the most popular choices for residential and commercial clients.

Cambridge Decking Builders uses softwood decking boards that are compatible with Q-Grip Strips or slip-resistant inserts. And since these woods come from fast-growing trees, they are more eco-friendly. With all these great features, softwood timber is surprisingly the cheapest
material used for decking installations.

It is important to understand, though, that using softwood decking boards also has some drawbacks. Although it is tested and proven to be very durable and could last for decades and even more, it can’t surpass the durability and strength of hardwood. Additionally, softwood timber requires regular cleaning to maintain its tiptop shape


– offers both classic and contemporary styles that will definitely match your

Least Expensive

– the least expensive among the decking materials used today mainly because it comes from fast-growing trees.

Easy to Install

– no-fuss no-hassle decking material to install.


– may not be as durable as the hardwood ones, but it can also last for a long time especially when you opt for pressure-treated softwood.

Hardwood Decking Board

If you are into authentic wooden aesthetics, invest in hardwood decks. Hardwood is undeniably a very durable material with superb strength and exceptional beauty. It is a bit pricier than the softwood, but it will definitely let you achieve that warm, luxurious ambiance in the outdoor space. You know when it’s hardwood – it gets a lot better with time.

You can never go wrong with hardwood, especially when you entrust your decking installation with us at Cambridge Decking Builders. Each piece of board we use comes from a sustainable source. It can withstand the ever-changing environmental temperatures as well as heavy traffic.

Hardwood is naturally resistant to scratches and marks, and less likely to split, rot, or warp. This is why it is highly recommended for outdoor decks than its softwood counterpart.

The best part about using hardwood is that it offers seamless design options. It works well with any designs, from classic to contemporary styles, it looks just as great. Regular maintenance, however, is required for hardwood decks to preserve its natural beauty for many years.

Highly Durable

– can last for a lifetime especially with proper care and treatment.

Highly Resistant to Scratching and Rotting

– can withstand heavy traffic and has natural resistance to rotting and decay.

Timeless Aesthetics

– looks even better as it ages. Just like all the hardwood furniture, its beauty is timeless.

Hire the Pros!

Composite decking is one of our specialities at Cambridge Decking Builders. If you choose us to build your composite deck, we will go beyond our way to meet your expectations. Our team will help you get through the process from day one until the project is completed. Let us do all the tedious work while you sit back, relax, and look forward to seeing your dream outdoor space come to life. Call us today!


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